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Like a Meatball and a Noodle.

I was looking through the local Goodwill, and was reminded of an album I used to have as a kid. I found some youtube videos with remastered versions. I thought it was serendipitous how this song was, since I was looking to repurpose samples for the podcast.

I’ve ordered the original vinyl and should have it in a week or so. I particularly like the verse “Like a black eye to a pea”.

FSM PODCAST 003: I’m not an atheist…really.

4B5sFgpThis one was super fun to record, and the first time I had some audio clips for content. The show starts with a brief review of Time Bandits IMDB, is followed by a reading of an anti-Flying Spaghetti Monster article on a religious blog, and ends with audio from Robert Barron and a voicemail. Sorry for saying “Evolutionism”, I meant “Evolution”. R’Amen

p.s. I am aware that of this group of talented actors deserve the respect of being referred to as “little persons”.  Sometimes I get excited in the rhythm of recording spoken word. =)

The Flying Spaghetti Monster and God by Robert Barron

This guy just simply gets it wrong. He discounts the Flying Spaghetti Monster as a God in a Genus, not the creator of earth. Forget that he attributes the origin of FSM to Richard Dawkins, not Bobby Henderson. Forget that he likens Pastafarians to atheists. Forget that he intentionally uses Latin to confuse his audience.

The important thing to remember, is that followers of FSM HAVE EVIDENCE that the world was created by his noodliness our lord after a night of drinking too much, but he can’t even prove that his god exists by his own admission!