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FSM PODCAST 012: How to avoid stale beer and strippers with venereal diseases


Ahoy Mateys! This episode we talk about life after death, and FSM heaven and hell. Coping with our eventual passing into the afterlife is part of the human condition, but the good news is that FSM has provided us with options. =)

Link for the pasta strainer bowler hat. http://www.coolthings.com/bowler-hat-colander/

Short story about reincarnation. http://www.galactanet.com/oneoff/theegg_mod.html

FSM PODCAST 011: Gay weddings and Nuclear Pasta



Ahoy Mateys! This episode we talk about officiating marriages, we read from the Unified Spaghetti Theory and how FSM created us in his ideal image (that of a pirate), and we also share our views on religious equality and FSMism being recognized.

When talking about Jewish holidays I meant Yom Kippur, not Rosh Hashanah as the “biggest” of their faith’s celebrations.

Link for the drivers license photo story of the week. http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/meet-pastafarian-member-church-flying-8997070


FSM PODCAST 004: The Eight I Rather You Didn’ts


This week’s episode, I give an overview of the CoFSM “The eight I rather you didn’ts” and the general tone of the FSM religion overall.

I also talk a little about the South Australian atheist who rubs the law officials the wrong way with his FSM pasta colander photo antics in relation to his gun license.

I did take some liberties with filling in the blanks when it came to the censored parts of the 8 and filled in the bad words with real bad words where appropriate, and intentionally gave #5 two verbal variations.


FSM Podcast 001 !


May 9th, 2014.  The Flying Spaghetti Monster podcast episode 001 is live! R’amen! The day has finally arrived! There’s not much to the show, it’s a short one, but I guarantee, the noodles have just started boiling.

Give it a listen. Give me some feedback. We will be back with episode 002 in two weeks.